Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Sweet Thank You Note

Two years ago we sold one of our laundry cabinets.  Here's an email I received from her this morning that I want to share:

I ordered this hamper almost exactly 2 years ago, and I was going through my etsy orders & realized I never left feedback & now I don't have the option to. I am so sorry because I have to say I LOVE this hamper!! You were so kind when I purchased it to custom the color for me, and it went beautifully with the bedroom furniture I had just purchased at that time. I had re done my whole bedroom and it was a perfect addition. I love how it looks & how useful it is. I love the baskets & how I can take them out & just carry them to the washer. It's just so beautiful & so functional.
Again, I'm sorry I never left feedback, but I'm definitely one happy & appreciative customer & had to tell you ((better late than never lol))

Laundry Hamper
Susan's laundry hamper in her room.
That's Jack on the bed. ;-)

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