Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Monday, February 10, 2014

Rainy Days and Nights

Yesterday and the day before it rained steadily all day and all night.  The room was dark, just how I like it, when I awoke to the pitter-patter of the raindrops hitting the rooftop on the back porch.  I peered over Michael to see the clock on his side of the bed, it was only 5 am and my head plopped back down on the pillow and I snuggled down under the quilt.  I was too warm and cuddly beneath the blankets and wanted nothing more but to go back to sleep.  The next thing I knew it was 8:30 a.m..  We pulled the curtains back to let the light in and lay in bed for another minute or two adjusting our sleepy heads awake until the chores of the day loomed before us and told us we'd better get up and get going.
On Saturday we both worked on a bunch of orders.  Me painting and trying to keep things from getting wet in our slightly flooded conditions in the side yard which is where my work station is set up.  Michael had to put some boards down for me to set things on to lift them up off the ground which is where I normally set pieces to dry (on the ground) before going on to the next step.

Michael had a large umbrella stand set up at the garage door opening so that when he cut the wood on the table saw,  it would stay dry and keeps him dry, too.

In the afternoon, I showered and had to go to the store to get some much needed groceries and mainly laundry detergent.  I'd been out of that for a week and even did a load or two of laundry using some dish soap with Borax for a booster.  They came out fine and smelling clean.  I even got to wear my Sorel boots for the first time this year.  These are my old boots that I used to wear in the snow but I figured that they can be used in rainy weather just fine.  They kept me dry as I splish splashed in the puddles throughout the parking lot.
Sunday we slept in again, more coziness and raindrops and sleepy eyes.

After breakfast I had a bunch of wine rack orders that I painted.  Because it's so wet everywhere, I needed a place to set them to dry and couldn't find any location to do this.  Thinking I was clever, I stood them up in neat rows on my work table but every time I went to add another row of wooden wine rack pieces, the freshly painted piece would barely touch the one standing behind and they would all fall down like a bunch of dominoes.  I would fix them and stand them all up and it would happen again...and again.  It was very frustrating.  Please stay.  Don't fall over.  Pretty please with sugar on top.  That's what my mom used to say.  With sugar on top.  And I'd say, and a cherry.

And eventually they behaved like the good little wine racks they are.

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