Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Birthday

Michael surprised me for my birthday by taking me to San Francisco for the night.  Before heading into the city, we drove up to an overlook point on the Marin side and I hopped out and took this pretty picture.  Coming down the hill, we passed a man on his motorcycle with his little doggie strapped on the bike behind him.  He was yapping away, but being curious, he stopped long enough for me to capture this cute picture.
We then drove into the city to check into our room at the motel, Cow Hollow Inn.  
Since we had a few hours to kill, we walked around the block to Chestnut Street which runs parallel from the inn on Lombard Street.  Another of our favorite shopping districts in the city, lots of cute shops and restaurants and bars.  Lots to do and we would like to plan a date to come back to spend more time here.  Maybe go to Happy Hour at one of the local bars.  That's always fun.
Walking down Chestnut, what should we come upon but a cute little bakery?  SusieCakes.  Of course, we had to go inside and check things out, it was my birthday.  They had all these wonderful and temptingly delicious looking cakes under domed glass cake plates lined up on top of their display case.  Inside the case are pretty cupcakes, cookies and other mouth watering sweets captivating my attention.  I'm trying to decide what to have and right away I hear Mike choose to get a slice of some kind of cake.  I wasn't really paying attention to what dessert he chose, I was too busy looking at everything.  Then I see a sign on the counter but the cake plate was missing.  I put two and two together and asked the woman cutting his cake if it was German Chocolate.  She said it was and so I asked her to cut me a piece, too. 
I only wish she'd warned me of how large the slice would be.  Honestly, it was too much for both of us and we'd been better off had we split a piece.  It was yummy though.

We walked around a little more, to walk off some of the cake.  There was a Pottery Barn store that we went into and I bought a sweet little rabbit plate and a set of rabbit napkins.
Pottery Barn Bunny Napkins
For dinner, the plan was to go to Capps Corner which is right next door to Beach Blanket Babylon
Capps is a family style Italian restaurant.  All you can eat minestrone soup, salad and french bread with butter is served with every entree. 

The real treat was going to see Beach Blanket Babylon.  It was my first time seeing it and really didn't know what to expect other than some wild and crazy hats.  I didn't realize it was going to be a musical with tons of talented singers.  It was a comedy with a story line about Snow White searching the world over for her Prince Charming.  You'll never guess who she ends up with in the end.  What a cute play and a fun night.  Thank you, Michael!  

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