Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Funny Little Story

My husband, Michael had been a barber here in town for many, many years.  He cut all the good ol' boys hair back in the day.  One of his long time customers was Tom Hannigan.  He and Tom go way back and have some pretty funny stories to tell.  A long time ago while on his way up to Sacramento with someone, Tom stopped in at the barber shop in order to play a joke on Mike.  Some day I'll tell you the story, it's pretty funny.

Anyway, Tom and his brother, Pat, had lost touch with each other over the years when Pat moved to Willits.  Last July, Tom stopped by our house to see Mike, shortly after Mike had had an accident with one of our saws.  He began relating the story to us of how he and Pat had reconnected after all this time.  All of us were sitting in the family room and Tom was talking about how when and if he wants to get in touch with his brother he'll call or stop by John's Place, one of the local bars in town, and that's how he reaches him because Pat doesn't have a phone.  I said, "Huh, he probably knows my dad, that's one of his favorite hang outs."  After a short visit, Tom left, and the next time he spoke to Pat, he asked him if he knew Bob, my father. 

Well, over the years my dad has talked about his best buddy, Pat.  Pat this, Pat that.  Pat came over and watched the house while we were gone, Pat watches the dogs when we go away, etc., etc..  Now I knew Tom's brother was up in Willits but I never thought that he and my dad would know each other and I never even thought to ask my dad if he knew Pat.  It simply never crossed my mind.     

That same July, the following week, Tom unexpectedly stopped by our house and when I opened the door, Tom said, "Hi cuz.  I guess we're related."  We had a big laugh over that one.  So now, Tom and I are cousins, ha ha.  My father and his brother are best friends and so that makes us, like cousins, right?  ;-)

Fast forward to about a week ago.  Tom popped by our house when we were working in the garage one day last week.  He mentioned that he was going to Willits to visit Pat and I made some comment that perhaps we'll ride up with him.  So we did, yesterday.  And we had a nice little visit.  Tom is going to call us next time he plans another trip up there and we'll probably go with him again.  I try to call my Daddy at least every week, sometimes more, but I hardly ever get up to see him and this gives me an easy opportunity to do that.  
Me, my dad, Bob, and Pat and Tom.

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