Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Counting Sheep

Michael and I bought a Memory Foam mattress a little less than two years ago.  It was never the most comfortable mattress for us but we lived with it and didn't have any problems to speak of.  Until recently.  It compressed over time and was lumpy and caused me many sleepless nights and backaches. 

A few weeks ago we drove to San Rafael to check out two mattress companies: Duxiana and The Natural Mattress Store, which has a very restful looking front page on their website.  They both had some very good reviews on Yelp and elsewhere.  I was curious after doing some research on the internet and wanted to lay on them for myself. Michael wouldn't even sit on one because he was being stubborn about the price and their return policies.  Which was nil. 

Last week our friends, Sharyn and Greg, mentioned that they have a Sleep Number bed and love it and had nothing but good things to say about it.  We drove to the Sleep Number Vacaville store that same night and the friendly sales lady walked us through the different beds and had us lay on each one.  She didn't push us toward the more expensive one nor pressure us in any way to make a choice and purchase a mattress right away.  She gave us room to play with the remote and lay on each mattress as long as we needed.  She even let us try out the different pillows.
The two that I liked the best was the i8 and the i10.  The difference between the two basically is the foam mattress topper.  We ended up ordering the i8 Sleep Number bed and it was delivered yesterday afternoon.  Yay!  The two delivery guys removed our old (not so old but truly awful) lumpy and sagging mattress and box spring and they installed the new bed quick as a snap.  Michael was busy working in the garage on some orders and I stayed inside the house but gave the two men room to work without me hovering over them.  After about ten minutes I went in to check on the progress and was hoping to see some of the bed assembly.  I was too late!  Or they were too quick!  They had the bed set up and even had my bed skirt in place.

Last night was one of the most comfortable nights I'd had in years and the bonus is that Michael loves it, too.    

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