Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kitchen Remodel Project First Phase

As you remember, we finished the family room not that long ago.  The house got a thorough cleaning and all was back to normal for a couple of weeks.  Until last weekend.

A week ago on Saturday Michael wanted me to list the kitchen cabinets on Craigslist to see if I could sell them.  I took several photos and did my little write up on them, gave all the measurements and details in the listing.  That same night I received an email from a lady that was interested in seeing them.  She came by the following morning (Sunday) and purchased the whole kitchen including the microwave oven, which I might add was a very nice convection oven.

Last Monday we began tearing the kitchen cabinets out.  And the mess began yet again...

This is what the kitchen looked like before.  Now, you might say, "What a lovely kitchen!"  Yes, it was.  However, what you don't know is how cheaply the cabinets were made.  I also didn't have ample storage in this kitchen and hated (hated) the lazy susans in the corners.  Hate those things!

Here are the cabinets I sold on Craigslist last weekend along with the microwave above the stove.

We hired a contractor to work with us on our little project.  The first step after the cabinets were both removed was to take out the soffits.
The next step was to put up plastic at both openings so the rest of the house didn't get too too dusty.

Then began the hard work of taking out the old tile and hardibacker flooring.
I helped with this tough job and the next day my triceps were feeling it.

Securing the header.
That was a job!

Here's our temporary kitchen:

On Wednesday we ordered and paid for our new sliding pocket door.

On Friday we had a kitchen designer come over to help us plan our new kitchen and he suggested French sliding doors moved but over two feet to allow for cabinets along the wall.  I loved the idea.  So, we canceled and then reordered for a pair of French sliding pocket doors.  With glass!  It's going to be beautiful.

Last Tuesday Michael was cutting the (very large and heavy) laminate countertop that was in the old kitchen (to take it to the dumps) and BANG, down it fell on his right foot.  He ended up with a bad contusion and blood blister and swelling.  Poor guy continued to work on it that entire day and wouldn't show me his foot until the evening.  By then, it was looking purty ugly.  Of course I want to take him to the ER to have it X-rayed.  Of course that's what we do.  Nothing broken, good.  Very good.

Our neighbor (it works every time) brings over some homemade cookies every time Michael gets hurt.  I think he's got it all figured out by now.  Wink!  
And last but not least, we're awaiting some new baby robins to be hatched early this week.  If my counting was right from the last egg laid, that is.

Our little devoted Mrs. Mama Robin off our back porch.  She's found the perfect spot.  I love going out there to check on her.  I do it several times throughout the day and every evening and every single morning.  She just looks down at me.  I want to kiss her!
Until we meet again...

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