Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Monday, June 8, 2015

More Robins

A few more videos of the little darlings.

This one was taken about four days ago when there were still three, before the tragic fall.
Aren't the squeaky noises they make cute?

This was yesterday.
As was this one.
And this one.
While I was out there getting the videos yesterday evening, mom came into the yard with a mouthful of worms.  I was on the back porch ladder hoping to get another feeding video.  She wasn't coming but sat on the arched gate looking at me for a few minutes and then flew up into the tree and communicated something to the male.  The dad flew into the yard and took her place on the arched gate and was, I think, telling me to leave.  He kept flying back and forth from the gate to the telephone wire just on the other side of the window on the porch.  Looking at me.  So of course, I left.  She then flew in to feed them.

This is where he kept flying back and forth to, to keep a close eye on me.  He wasn't too agitated, just calmly telling me to move or leave.  
It was hot yesterday and it's even hotter today.  
You can see the piece of plywood that Mike put just above the nest on top of the roof.  Hoping it shades and keeps them cooler.  He also turned on the back porch ceiling fan and just now took another fan out there.  They look so hot and miserable!  Poor things.
The last two videos are very similar except in the one above, you can see that they're stretching and trying out their wings in various ways.  Still a little weak at the knees.

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