Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Monday, June 15, 2015


Recently I signed up for a new 3 month long program
at my local 24 Hour Fitness Gym.  It's a small group program with a personal trainer.  I'm much stronger and more fit since I began this class in April, meeting three days per week.  On the other days I do Spin Class or work out on my own.  I think we have some of the best fitness instructors around and from what I can see, they love their job.

In the beginning he (James) started us out with a running program.  I haven't run in many years but used to do it and loved it.  Now I love it more than ever.  I try to run at least almost every other day or sometimes a few days in a row if I feel like it.  The most I've run so far without stopping is 4.25 miles.  I was a little surprised and a little impressed how well I did.  I could have kept going but made myself stop just because I had to get home to work on some orders and still had to go upstairs to work on other stuff such as weights and abs.

Today I received an email about running tips for people that might be thinking of beginning a running program.  Here's the link:  8 Tips for Running.

Below is the most recent running shoe I bought, the Hoka One One Clifton.  I bought it from Title Nine though.  See link here.  Title Nine is my absolute favorite place to shop and they have a store in Berkeley.  If you get a chance, stop in and see what's new.  They have the cutest clothes.

After that, walk down the street and have a slice of pizza for lunch at Bette's Take Out Ocean View Diner on 4th Street.  Sit outside at one of the tables out front if you're lucky enough to grab one and do some people watching.  Great little shops up and down the street, too.  My favorite place!  Don't forget to get a brownie or a lemon bar cookie.  Psst, they also have good breakfasts at Bettes!

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