Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Benicia Plein Air Group Sunday Meet Up

Every Sunday we meet with a group of plein air painters.
Each week it's a different location.  Today we painted in Benicia down by the waterfront.

Michael and I were the first to arrive and I already had in mind what I wanted to paint. Michael went around with the camera and took photos of everyone painting and the scenery. Mike was also the designated run to the store guy to get lunch for us all.

 Me working.  I dive right in.
 Susan working and contemplating.
 Attila, working. (Not sure if I spelled his name correctly.)
Look!  Is dat a plane?  Bet you cannot guess what he's putting into his artwork.
 There's Sue again.
 Joanne's working on a colorful one.

 Kathleen painting.

 This is Sue's painting: close up view.

 Yep, it's The Mermaid Bomber.
 Here's mine.  Unfinished still and ready for the 3 pm critique session.

At 3:00, we all convened at Jerry's place for friendly (and fun) critiquing and snacks.
 I think this is the other Joanne's painting.
 This is Katherine's painting up close.
 Marshall's playful watercolor painting.
 The Mermaid Bomber.
Gotta have food.
The friendly critiquing group.
 Connie's painting.
 Connie's 2nd painting.
Here's a photo of my painting after I changed a few things when I got home.  When I first set out and decided to paint this scene, I was striving for it to have a sort of loose feel to it. I think I captured what I was wanting.  I had a crow up in the tree above me cawing mostly the whole time. There were other little song birds around, too. Hearing the birds singing and the sounds of nature is one of the little perks about painting outdoors. 

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