Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Artist Sandbox ~ Justin ~ Bucky

I'm so excited to share with you a little about Justin Geer.  I met him through Etsy
 Justin says:

I'm a local Atlanta artist who spends most of my time acting, making music and creating whatever types of art I feel inspired to work on. Currently I have begun working with light to create magical themed items.
AKA Bucky Higgins; The Weather Report, Here, and here.  My favorite is Bucky's bedtime story.  I love this character!
I adore Bucky Higgins!
Not only can he act as you can see in the funny Weather Reports as Bucky, Justin is a talented pianist.  Justin's piano music is relaxing and soothing to listen to.  I purchased one of his cd's and am using it for my massage clients, for which it's perfect.  He also has some Pop Culture Comedy Music which is fun.  What an entertaining guy!  I think Hollywood ought to snatch up this Bucky character for some children's Saturday morning show, which I would watch just to see more of Bucky.  Although it might not be what Justin has in mind for his acting career, you'd have to ask him.  lol

Justin Geer on Facebook and follow his art blog.

And this wouldn't be complete without sharing some items from his Etsy shop.

Brass Green Lantern Seafoam Bubble Autumn Night Light Ring ~ Glow in the Dark ~ Adjustable
Songs From a Piano B
Kids Trick or Treat Safety Lights
Early 20th Century Vintage Pink Piggy Bank
Magic Glass Pocket Wand w/Copper Handle ~ Lights up Costume Accessory
Reel to Reel Book w/Secret Drawer Stash
Thank you, Justin!  Love your work, all of it and I wish you the best success for the future.
~ Lisa xo