Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Museum of Wonder

The first time I heard about Butch Anthony was on one of our favorite television shows, American Pickers.  We love Mike and Frank cause they seem like a couple of regular guys having fun with a lot of humor thrown in, entertaining regular folks like us.  Laughing feels so good, doesn't it?

A folk artist from Alabama, Butch has a wonderful knack for turning junk into art.  They say he's part mad scientist, part genius.  I love the word he made up: intertwangled.  Now there's a word for ya!  Intertwangled most accurately describes his work for it's made up of found, discarded objects and turned into treasures.  I fully enjoy listening to Anthony's southern twang and watching his laid-back manner.  See one of his interviews on YouTube here.  Butch's work is such an inspiration and what a delightful character he is!  Great job, BA, we love ya, from Lisa and Mike in good ol' sunny California.  Keep up the good work!  xo

Butch Anthony speaking: Hey y'all, welcome to my Museum of Wonder Shop. I like to take found objects and turn them into art.
Mr. Doo Nanny himself featured in the NY Times here

Silver Queen Sweet Corn
Recycled Book Art
Girl with Red Flower
Girl with Candle

Clark Balloon

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