Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jewelry Party

Yay, last nights party was a success.  The Lia Sophia Jewelry is beautiful and I must say the website and brochure doesn't do the jewelry justice.  Everything sparkles and is very well made.  My friend, Diana Dempsey, is the Lia Sophia Advisor and you can purchase jewelry directly on this site and she'll get the credit for it.  Great Christmas gift ideas!

I need to mention that this company gives a Lifetime Warranty no matter how it breaks or gets damaged, even if it's your own fault; the only thing you need do is save your receipt.  Diana told us one day she was at work, at her desk and as she stood up her necklace got caught in the drawer, broke and went flying off in all directions.  The company replaced it without a problem, she just had to mail the broken necklace in an envelope back to them.   

Lia Sophia Jewelry Link
I bought this necklace and this necklace, at Shilah's party in September which is the first time I learned about Lia Sohia.  Last night I got three free pieces of jewelry and four pieces of my choice for $15- each.  Some of the items I got from last nights party;  Orbit Earrings, Improv Necklace, Reflection Necklace and matching earrings, Plaza Necklace.

This one is gorgeous and I plan on getting it at the next party I attend: Silver Lining.  For some color, this one is so pretty as is this one.  And Miss Stunning.

So there you have it, Lia Sophia Jewelry.  Divine.
Pretty baubles

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