Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Discovered by Accident

Here we were, driving down the freeway, trying to get to our next destination, Santa Fe, as reasonably quick as possible.  Michael saw a sign saying: Historic Jefferson (my face was buried in my iPhone, probably on Facebook) and said that he wanted to check it out.  So, off we go on our next little jaunt.
We discovered a quaint town that we wished we could have spent more time at and will probably come back to again in the future.  As it was, we spent three hours dinking around.  The town is FULL of antique stores and a really cool, step back in time, general store where a cup of coffee is only 5 cents.
Pick your old fashioned candy, put it all in a bag, one price per pound.
And of course, I bought a bag of fried garlic peanuts and a bag of fried Cajun peanuts.  So good.
If you want to buy some peanuts, call the store.  Also, they have the best praline's I've tried to date and you can order them online HERE.
Toy guns.
And pink ones at that!
Wile away a Sunday afternoon playing checkers.
Oh darn, Mike got caught stealing candy from the bins again. ;)
Just another of the numerous antique stores to be found.
We saw this sign for cornbread sandwiches and our stomachs were growling.
Mike had:
The Redneck - Fried Bologna and American
I had:
The Texan - Texas Chili and Cheese
sandwiched between our kornbread -
our only
sandwich that must be eaten with a fork

Mike had:

I had:
On the way out of town we saw this store and pulled over to the side of the road, 5th wheel and all.
The cluttered porch.
Inside was a jumbled collection of antique clocks.  They were reasonably priced, or so we thought, and came away with two.
Maybe now that he had a sale he can fix his roof and ceiling.
Just an over-sized house going down the road that you don't see every day.


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  2. Thank you, Jake. That was a lovely compliment.