Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Limited Edition Barn Wood - 100+ years old.

This Railroad Shelf, LINK HERE,
was made using our newly acquired limited edition barn wood which was purchased from our personal friend.  His family has had property on the Navajo land in northeastern AZ for more than a hundred years.

Our friend recently tore down one of the original barns from this property and offered a good supply to us of premium boards of varying lengths and widths.  Some of the boards are almost a full foot wide and over 100 inches in lengths.  So you can see, we can make shelves in varying measurements.  If you would like something made from this wood, you will need to contact us through our Etsy Shop with the exact item you'd like and the exact measurements you need along with your zip code for a price and shipping quote.

This rare old wood is 1 inch thick.  It's very heavy and substantial wood with tons of character.  The color, grain, knots, holes, etc., might vary some from board to board.  We cannot guarantee that it will be exactly as shown in these pictures.  Some boards might have holes.

We plan on making one of our box shelves out of this wood to show another example of how unique and beautiful this wood is.

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