Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Monday, October 11, 2010

Apple Valley

We decided to take a Sunday drive to Apple Valley.  Neither of us had been there before and had heard so many good things about it.  First stop:  Black Oak for breakfast; and what a good breakfast it was!

Arrived at Apple Valley about 10:30 with lots of traffic taking off the same exit as us.  Saw some signs for the free shuttle bus, parked the car, signed up, got our brochure and mapped out a plan.  The weather was nice and warm, birds singing,  with lots of people and vendors at each stop.  Michael bought a pretty wind chime for me with different colored shells that make a nice tinkling in the wind.

Along the way on the bus I spied a man selling tin men beside the road.  I got only a quick glimpse but saw about five of them hanging on some apparatus in a neat little row.  Wasn't sure exactly how much further to the next stop it was but we decided to go for it and hike back to purchase a tin man.  Well, we got off at our stop and walked and walked and never spotted the guy.  We walked all the way back to the stop we had first got on which was about a half mile, in the heat.  So we waited for the next bus and as we're driving along slooooowly stuck in traffic I spotted a sign beside someone's driveway:  Tin Men For Sale

So...we asked the driver to drop us off right then and there, which he so nicely did.  :)

Long story short:  Got a tin man for our yard!

See the pretty wind chime?  So pretty!

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