Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Big Big Day -New Treasures!

One of Mike's customers, Frank, invited us to come and search through his old barns, two of them, to look for old things, whatever we're interested in.  A little history about Frank.  He told me that he's lived on this same farm since he was three years old in 1939.  His family was in the grape growing business.  Wow!  What roots! 

When he opened up the barn doors and we saw what was inside, it was incredible.  I felt like those two guys on that t.v. show, American Pickers!  Stuff was piled on each other, everything jumbled up high we had to climb on who knows what to get a look at things.  We didn't plan very well because neither of us brought a flashlight. 

We came away with tons of old crates from the farm he had, an old lamp, a very old and needs some tender lovin' love seat that was his grandmother's, bunches of knick knacks, dishes, an old stool, an old dart board that needs some work, etc..

On top of all that, Frank picked some apples and tomatoes from his garden for us.  What a dear man he is.  I only wish that we could have met his wife.  She pulled up as we were heading down the driveway.  He did invite us to come back to get more whenever we want.  In fact he's holding onto some old cherry picking signs that wouldn't fit in the truck because we just had too much. 

Next time we go, I'm going to bring my camera and get a snapshot of Frank for you!  ;-)

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