Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Whew! We did it!

Spent today having a garage/craft sale at our house and what a fun day it was.  Very successful in that we got rid of a lot of stuff that was not used or needed any longer and also sold some of our crafty type things.

Some memorable events that took place:

We sold a goat and blue heron and two bird houses to a very nice couple, Mike and Carmen, thank you.

A young man came riding by on his bicycle and fell in love with my cow paintings.  He rode all the way home and then called me to see if I still had them.  He rode all the way back to our house and purchased one.  He even brought a towel and a bag to wrap it in.  Such a sweetheart.  Thank you, Everett. 

Our neighbor came by and bought all four of our metal flower sculptures for her yard.  Thank you, Bep.

The cutest brother and sister (young children) came by to look at our things.  They loved my paintings, my pendants and wanted to see my stamp collection.  They are the first people that ever took an interest in wanting to see my stamp collection.  The little boy is a big stamp collector and his sister collects Hot Wheels.  Just darling.    

Altogether, we're so very pleased with how the day turned out.  The weather co-operated as well, it was sunshiny warm.

  This was taken a couple of weeks ago in Tomales Bay.  These two were so cute with their new goats and we feel so happy and blessed when people fall in love with our things we've created and give them a good home.  That's how we feel about today, happy our things have found new homes and nice people to enjoy them.

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