Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dinking Day with Don

Yesterday we spent the day dinking with our friend, Don.  Pam (his wife) flew to Tennessee to visit her cousins for the week and left him home to feed the cats.  They collect stray cats, and have ten!  Perhaps more?

Spent the day in our favorite stomping grounds, Bezerkeley.  As we're driving down some narrow side street, we sighted some amazing creations out of junk.  Stumbled upon a couple of guys that create some pretty wild art.  Here's some pictures to share.  I just love surrounding myself with creative people and gleaning ideas for new things that perhaps I never would have dreamed of.  Wow!  These guys rock.

Some finished and some works in progress.  What's even more amazing is they actually make things that run.  Genius is what they are.  Taught Mike a few things as well that he can apply to his creations.  Welding 101.
It was a very successful day and we came away with some new (old) treasures (junk) from the salvage yards for our work.

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