Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Old High School

Heading up to the maintenance office to get permission to go into the auditorium.
Years of wear going up and down these stairs.
Taken directly from Wikipedia:

It was at the Alameda Board of Education meeting held on March 6, 1874, that the suggestion to open a ‘Preparatory Department of a High School' was first presented. On April 17, 1874, C. Y. Johns was elected the first principal. Classes began with 52 students, in July 1874, in a rented room over a drugstore on Park Street known as "Boehmer's Hall".  The building still exists today as the China House restaurant.

Boehmer's Hall was only temporary. Already a new building was being built on a site on Santa Clara at Chestnut, completed and occupied in 1875. The high school shared space with the Grammar Department in what became known as ‘Haight School', a site still occupied by this school today. The class of 1878, totalling nine students, was the first to graduate from Alameda High School.
Beautiful Alameda High - Ate lunch many a day on these steps.
Played here in my childhood.
Elegant giants.

It wasn't long before the number of students enrolled in the high school outgrew the space available at Haight. Temporary quarters were located at Porter school, located on Alameda Avenue, by 1900. A campaign was started for a new separate high school building.

With the help of the high school student body, a bond was passed in the city for the new school. The cornerstone was laid in 1902 on the new site at Central and Walnut. The building was dedicated in 1903 and occupied in time for the December 1903 term.

Neoclassical Architecture
Continued growth in enrollment required an even larger campus. In 1925 a new bond issue was voted on. The new school, dedicated in 1926, comprised three connected buildings, including the original 1903 structure which was refurbished to blend with the architectural style of the other two. The architecture, designed by local architect Carl Werner, is early-twentieth-century Neo-Classical Revival in nature, evoking images of ancient Greek temples with Ionic columns in front of the Kofman Auditorium, a facility known throughout the Bay Area as one of the best of the local playhouses.

Gorgeous patina
Our old lockers.
This morning was spent at Dr. Mitchell's office in Alameda.  Nearby is my old high school and I couldn't resist the urge to visit for some shots.  Seems like forever I've admired these old, massive buildings and regarded them with a sort of awe.  Growing up, we lived directly across the street from Porter School (In 1973 Porter burns down while I attended and was in the 7th grade) and later became the back of the high school.  Very advantageous to live so close, I could walk home for lunch if I'd wanted or could run back home if I forgot my homework and still have a little time to spare.  In grammar school, before Porter burned down, I played Two Square for hours and hours with my friend, Craig Huffman.  When session was out in the summer, I'd cross the street to the school to wander amongst the old deserted buildings if I was feeling melancholy, somehow it made me feel better.  Sounds strange, I know.

Today was a special treat in that I was allowed to go into the auditorium and wander around freely to snap pictures.  A nice lady with the maintenance dept. even turned on the lights for me and it was a good thing she did because it's very dark inside.  The auditorium is another remarkable section of this antique dwelling.  Take a look for yourself:
Taken from above within her office peeking through the screen.
Taken from the stage.
Suspended lights!
Like a flower!

Always loved this and have read it many times.
Have never been on this stage until now.

I can remember watching this clock, waiting for the bell to ring.
A raised relief on each side of the stage.
Each outer chair has an element of design, row after row.
Like a ghost.
Noteworthy alumni:

Jim Morrison of 'The Doors' attended Alameda High in 1958 (did not graduate here)
Debbie Fields creator of 'Mrs. Fields Bakery'
Sharon Tate class of 1961, actress, Manson family murder victim
Dick Bartell Professional baseball player, New York Giants

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