Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What a Love Story!

We watched another classic flick the other night.  What a treat!  Starring Greer Garson as Paula and Ronald Colman as Charles Rainier.
Paula meets wounded amnesiac patient, Charles.
Charles is a wounded World War I soldier that has no memory of his past.  He meets beautiful music hall star, Paula, and they fall madly in love.
Gorgeous Greer Garson 1904-1996
She's oh so beautiful and classy!
Charles goes in search of a job in a nearby city, gets hit by a car and loses all memory of his time spent with Paula.
Dashing Ronald Colman 1891-1958
Due to the accident he regains the memory of his previous life, goes home to be with his wealthy relatives and proceeds to manage the family fortune without any memory of his three years spent with Paula.  In his pocket is a key...and opens which door, he knows not.
Their lovely little cottage in the country; the three years he lost memory of.
Here's the twist: Paula learns of his misfortune and secures a job as secretary to be ever near him even though it's torturous not tell him she's his wife.
Patient Paula.
A very lovely movie.

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