Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pictures Lost

Yesterday we spent the day with our family at the Western Railway Train Museum's pumpkin patch and of course brought along my trusty little CoolPix camera.  I took a few pictures on the train and tons of pictures of Angelina, Aiden, the scarecrows, the large hay maze for climbing on and through, the little critter petting area, the face painting and so on.  At some point toward the end of the day, I was looking through my pictures, only to discover that all of my pictures except the couple I took on the train were missing.  All my pictures gone just like that as though they never existed.  You can imagine how bummed I was and still am.  Oh well, I went back to the petting area to try to recapture a few more and took a look.  Yep, it showed the new pictures.  Came home and just uploaded to my computer only to discover those last few I took near the animal area are also gone.  Vanished.
Happy conductor.  He loves his job!
Flipping the chairs back for the return trip.  100+ yr. old train that used to go across the San Francisco Bay Bridge ferrying people back and forth.
Guess it's time for a new camera, something I depend upon.

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