Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Thursday, March 22, 2012

More Tree Work

The tree that was taken out on Tuesday: the stump was ground down today.
Liquid Amber tree coming down today.
Up, up and away.
Going into the chute.
Glad it's him and not me way up there.
This tree was very pretty and I liked it except it was planted too close to the house and the roots from these trees can be very damaging to foundations.  Plus, it was a very messy tree with these little seed pods (I call them dingleberries) that were always underfoot and a tripping hazard on our front porch and walkway.  As soon as we cleaned them up (hundreds) there were more to take the place, again, hundreds.
Seed pods (dingleberries)
Stump grinder is in place to begin grinding the Deodara Cedar tree stump.
Shed will go in April 9th.  Can't wait!

And then the Liquid Amber stump got ground up.
Next week, the same guys are coming back to heavily prune two more trees in our backyard that are in desperate need of some attention.  Oh, and the city is coming to take out a tree in the front yard.  It's completely diseased and dead and full of mistletoe.  Once the shed is in and we're all organized, then we begin landscaping the backyard.

Then the front yard will get some very needed attention.  Our lawn is full of weeds and we have an old ugly holly tree that will need to come out.  The plan is to redesign and landscape the entire front of the house.  Unlike the backyard which is very shady, the front is sunny throughout most of the day being south/west facing.  

I tell ya, it feels so good to be able to hire a company to come in and do this work and get it done in one day.  Yes!!!

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