Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Friday, March 23, 2012

New Art/Craft/Sewing Room

I'm so very excited to show you my new room and cannot wait to begin playing in it and to have Angelina and Aiden and their Mommy over for some fun times creating!       

I designed some shelves that I needed for lots of storage for my new art/craft/sewing room and Michael built them all for me.  Isn't he wonderful?  I'm so happy with how everything turned out and simply cannot believe this is my very own play room!
Left side: Large cubbyhole storage cabinet.
This large cabinet even holds my cd player and speakers so I can listen to some music to jazz me as I create.
I love my pegboard organizer in Robin's Egg Blue!  Here.
Ribbon and paint organizers.  Here and Here.
Basically, I gave Michael the dimensions needed for storing things and he made them all for me.  Every piece of furniture you see, he made, from my sewing machine table under the pegboard to my cutting and storage table you see above and all the shelves for storage.

The only thing I need are better and perhaps cuter lamps.  Not too sure about the ones I've got right now.  Good lighting is crucial and these tend to have some glare.   
Very large and sturdy wall unit attached to the wall for security.
Large cutting table with plenty of fabric storage on both sides.
Same side, different angle.
The other side of cutting table.
Lastly, a shelf above the pegboard to store jars of buttons, etc..
To begin with, I need to make these:  A sewing machine cozy, a valance to hang above the window above the window seat nook overlooking the garden and some pillows for the window seat nook.

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