Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Teddy Bears and Antique Quilt

Our Shelf Ledge
We designed this shelf ledge quite awhile back and it's become a popular seller in our shop.  I love it and Michael designed this shelf to hang on the wall with his special hanger to make it the most secure way to attach it.  He's so clever!  We do live in earthquake country and so I've secured all the things to the shelf using museum wax.  
Teddy Bear
The teddy bear on the left is not for sale.  I'm probably going to regret letting the one with the cute little sweater go. I see him every day and he's sort of captured my heart with his worn nose.
My Antique Quilt nfs
I bought this antique quilt (30's and 40's feedsack fabric) at an antique street sale in Carmel Valley.
I cannot part with this.
Needed:  Minor repairs.
It needs a few repairs and new binding.  One of these days, when my sewing room is all set up I can tackle it.  There are many yards of fabrics that I've been lugging around for years and years stored away in a closet just waiting for me to get back to sewing and perhaps quilting.  Lots of scrap pieces that would be perfect for fixing this quilt.

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