Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What We Did

Michael worked on the shelf/mirror order and my sewing room cabinets today while I spent the day in the kitchen making chili beans and cake pops.  I went to Angelina and Aiden's school book sale recently and purchased a how to make cake pops book, something I've been wanting to try since eating a Starbucks cake pop.  The book has many more fun and fancy cake pops to try but I wanted to do something basic and simple for my first try, to get a feel for it.  Perhaps I'll get a little more ambitious after I do it one or two more times.  Next time I might try a different cake recipe (nothing tastes better to me than homemade cake) and see if it crumbles better.  Maybe a buttermilk cake, sounds good to me!

I made homemade cake and crumbled it but not into fine enough crumbs, I'm afraid.  I also made homemade frosting to mix into the crumbled cake in order to form into balls. 
Still worked fine for me though.
For my first attempt, they turned out pretty good.  Tasty!

Put on styrofoam block after coating and into frig to firm up.
Transferring from block to plate and back into frig.
Chocolate cake with vanilla candy coating.

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