Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Softball tournament

My granddaughter, Angelina, began her first year of Bobby Sox Girls Fastpitch Softball this year.  Their (pink) team made it into the final playoffs.  Last night they played the purple team.  Because the purple team had gone undefeated during the playoffs, Angelina's team had to play them twice in order to win the championship.  If they won last nights game, which they did, then they needed to play them again tonight.  Last night's score was Pink 10 - 7 Purple.

One thing, the pink team was also the youngest team of them all.  The purple team had some big girls which you could see were sluggers if given the chance.  However, the pink team had some excellent pitching skills and got in some good base hits, too. 

Tonight's final score was Pink 7 - 4 Purple.  Yay!
Before game motivational speech: "Just do your best, girls."
Let's do it!
Angelina getting ready.
Warming up batting swings.

Angelina up at bat.  She has a good eye.

 A few of the others up at bat.
Game over.
Hip hip hooray.
Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing.
The coach poses with one of the pitchers (on the left is his daughter) and the other is the catcher.
Wet coach.
Angelina getting her medal.
A pose for the camera.
The winning bats.
Celebration dinner with the family.
Saturday morning is the awards ceremony for Bobby Sox and right after that we'll be trucking it on over to Aiden's baseball game.  Little League playoffs begin this coming Saturday, so I guess we'll be going to a few more games.  ;)

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