Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Sunday, June 2, 2013

More yard stuff.

I love this little back porch, it's so much prettier since we remodeled it.  A charming place to sit and have tea or an intimate candlelit dinner.
Our newest addition to the yard: three gray planters with succulents.
Shorebirds on driftwood carved by Michael.
A square planter that I did a mosaic of birds on each side.  One of my favorites.
The front of the house showing our new flag.  I mentioned to Michael that I'd like to have a flag to hang in the front of the house.  I was thinking just the kind you hang off the wall.  Next thing I know, he's gone off to Home Depot and bought all the stuff to make a huge flagpole.  He painted the pole black and put a wooden ball on top.  I painted the ball gold and went online to look for a nice big flag for it.  Got one here:  US Flag.  The flag we bought is the 3'6" x 6'8" nylon flag.  It's perfect.  We did have to trim back the birch tree and I think we need to trim a bit more. 

We finished painting the rest of the trim around the front of the house.  Our plan next year is to paint the entire house.  I'm thinking of a gray color, just not sure which gray. 

I still need to paint the trim around the back porch windows.  Michael painted the scalloped trim around the back porch a beautiful red.  I painted the geese on the shed black.  That really made them stand out and dressed it up a bit.  I'll try to get some pictures this evening when the sun is starting to go down and the lighting is better.  In a week or two we should be getting our retractable awning installed.  That's going to really make a difference on the hot days.

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