Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another Cedar Waxwing Accident :(

Michael was taking a break (nap) in the recliner and I was sitting on the sofa with my feet up, working on the computer, when all of a sudden we heard a crash on the window.  I jumped up, knowing a bird just flew into our front window.  Sure enough, there were two big red spots (about the size of a dollar coin) on the window where the bird hit.  Peering through the glass, at first I couldn't see the bird anywhere.  And then, there he was on the grass with his wings spread open, just sitting there.  A Cedar Waxwing, just like the one here: First Cedar Waxwing bird that flew into our window.

Of course, I rushed out to see if my Little Darling was okay.  As I picked him up, he pooped on my fingers.  Not a problem, I think I'd have the poop scared out of me if I'd just crashed into some invisible object and then a giant person picked me up out of nowhere.

I was cooing and trying to calm him down while he sat there looking into my face trying to figure me out.  Michael had gone to get me a box to put him in and was just coming out the door with it.  When Little Darling got a glimpse of this square, white thing, he was having no part of it.  Off he flew into the tree.  Not sure if this is the same bird as before and I didn't have a chance to get a picture of this one to show you but he looks just like the first Cedar Waxwing.  But then, they all probably look the same.

Thank goodness he's okay.  I've got to do something to the windows.  Hang some kind of reflective thing in front of each one so they don't keep flying into them.  Precious sweethearts.

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