Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Awaiting Tree Removal

PG&E confirmed our tree is now scheduled for removal by the end of this month!  The tree inspector came out and marked the tree, shortly after that we received a call from PG&E notifying us of the dates they might come to do the job: between such and such dates.

You can see how the tree grows right up through the high voltage power lines.  To cut it down is to save them money in the long run, so it only makes sense to do it.

Tree Marked!

A Tangled Mess in the High Voltage Lines

Tree Leaning into our New Fence
Once the tree is out, we have to hire someone to come grind down the stump.  Michael can then level the ground and prepare it for our new shed.  This is the shed that will be going in the corner once the tree is removed:


Click on the colors to see what we're thinking of painting it:

Onyx Black - Roof Color
Antique Sterling -Siding Color
Evening Shadow or Wentworth White - Trim Color

Michael originally was going to build a shed but we decided to save the time and just purchase a ready made shed and let them install it.  He has enough work to do building furniture and wine racks for our Etsy shop.  We have a couple of old pane windows from the salvage yard that will be going on the shed in place of new windows and Michael will design and make some cute shutters to go alongside our windows.  The shutters will be painted black and because of that, I'm leaning toward the white for the trim color.  I want the shutters to stand out.

We sort of want our shed the color of Tom's house in New Orleans.  
New landscaping going in at Tom's place: Fountain is going in the circle to the right.
Then, when we're ready to repaint our house, we're going to make it match the shed. 

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