Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wishing For Rain

Friday morning after my workout and shower, while dressing I reached up my arm to put on the sleeve and something went 'pop' and hurt sharply.  Now I'm resting and icing it and doing my little exercises to hopefully make it feel better.  It's amazing the things we take for granted such as the simple task of getting dressed or reaching for a glass of water or washing dishes or driving.

Michael is busily working on orders today and tomorrow afternoon everything will be in the 'paint department' as he likes to jokingly tell me.  ;D

We're both so happy the orders keep coming in!  I just wish I could go out in the garage to help him.  I feel so lazy during the daytime, most likely because each night for the past week my sleep has been interrupted by long bouts (from an hour to three hours) of insomnia and it's draining me.  Not sure if it's my shoulder that awakens me in the night or exactly what it is.  All I want is a good nights sleep!

After the gym yesterday I went to Barnes & Noble with Shilah to purchase some puzzle books.  I need something to work on besides the computer that will make me work my brain.  For starters I picked up a Sudoku Puzzle Book with Easy, Medium and Hard puzzles and this is the first time I've ever played Sudoku, after having Shilah explain it to me.  Now I'm hooked.  I started playing it yesterday beginning with the Easy ones and once I did a couple of those I tried the Medium and even tackled a few of the harder ones to my amazement.  I also purchased a Word Search puzzle book but haven't opened it yet, just having fun with the Sudoku puzzles and getting quite quick at working them.  There are a few Challenger puzzles in the very back of the book and I've done one so far.  

I wish it would rain some more...

Our view of last nights sunset

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