Honey's Treasures

Honey's Treasures

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Landscaping Desperately Needed.

Small section, thinking of putting a tall-ish variety Japanese Maple Tree and some low growing shrubs to fill in underneath.
Main part of yard with Three Graces Fountain.  The birds love to bathe and drink here.  You can barely see the tree in the far right corner; that's the one PG&E is coming to take out.  Our new shed will go there.
Small narrow section for plantings looking toward patio and house.  Undecided what we're going to do with the patio.  Kind of thinking about just painting it with a gray deck paint for now.
A long curvy section across from the fountain and near the soon to be shed area.
We drove to Mid City Nursery to get some plant ideas.  After about 45 minutes of walking us around to show us plants that might work for our yard, the worker mentions that we might want to hire their designer to come to our house and draw up a plan for us.  We voiced an enthusiastic, yes!  The both of us might be able to build furniture and other things but garden plants and design is honestly not our thing.  I suppose we could study and read up on it but don't have the time and would much rather pay a professional to come out, take a look at what we've got to work with and help guide us to the right plants that are on the low maintenance side.  

I love Hydrangeas, have to say they are among my favorite flower and I definitely want some of those.  Our yard is sort of a combination of woodland and Japanese style.  Over in a different section, not shown, we have lots of ferns, Hydrangeas and a Redwood tree along with a little wood bridge that Michael built going over a dry creek we created a long time ago when we had lots more energy.  I even laid a little stone path that meanders through that area of the garden.  

This past summer, once it was decided to remove the tree in the corner because of the hassle and the hazard with the high voltage lines, we tore up the grass, moved the fountain more off center, took up the bricks on the concrete patio and made this little meandering bricked path going all around the yard from one area to another and moved our wrought iron patio furniture into the yard.  It's just a nicer place overall for eating outside and entertaining, under the tree away from the hot summer sun. 

You can see we have lots of statues and things that can be spread around the yard for added interest here and there.  I'm also hoping to add some kind of variety of Butterfly Bush that might work near the fountain.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  One other thing, we need some type of plant to grow sort of tall-ish to help screen the fence a bit. 

The designer from Mid City Nursery is coming over March 3rd to help us.  Can't wait!  Can't wait!

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